Enforcer Weed Defeat Concentrate 128 oz. (Case of 4) Extremely Concentrated Formula

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This product mixes readily with water and is intended to be applied as a foliar spray for the control or destruction of many herbaceous or woody plants. It may be applied through most standard industrial or field-type sprayers after dilution and thorough mixing with water in accordance with label instructions. This product moves through the plant from the point of foliage contact to and into the root system. Visible effects on most annual weeds occur within 2 to 4 days, but on most perennial weeds may not occur for 7 days or more. Extremely cool or cloudy weather following treatment may slow activity of this product and delay visual effects of control. Visible effects are gradual wilting and yellowing of the plant which advances to complete browning of above-ground growth and deterioration of underground plant parts.
  • CONTROLS 200 WEEDS, GRASS & BRUSH SPECIES - both annuals & perennials
  • QUICK WORKING - Visible effects on most annual species observable within 2 - 4 days; may take 7 days for treatment of perennials
  • MULTI PURPOSE - Kills roots of many herbaceous or woody plants & can be used in aquatic environments
  • MAY BE USED FOR - both broadcast applications and spot treatments, Considered relatively nontoxic to domesticated animals