Zep Assure Armor Cleaner Concentrate 128 oz. Case of 4 - Removes Built-Up Soils and Grime Fast!

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Zep Assure Armor Cleaner Concentrate rapidly removes built-up soils and grime in hard to clean but delicate areas. It is extremely effective at removing general grit and grime that soils seating areas, floors, and walls. Excellent emulsifying and strong rapid wetting properties.


We are committed to sharing knowledge and collaborating in the ongoing and urgent efforts against COVID-19. Zep’s Assure Program makes it simple and easy to professionally clean, disinfect and maintain hygienic workspaces. In fact, our professional cleaners help immediately remove soil and germs while Zep EPA-registered disinfectants kill germs on surfaces including (SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19) to reduce risk of spreading of infection. Even more, Zep Assure coatings help reduce maintenance costs and combine with audit forms to effectively monitor frequent-touch points and signage which clearly demonstrates your commitment to a clean and safe work environment.