Zep Aviation Ready-To-Use Cleaner Disinfectant 32 oz. Case of 12 - Non-Streaking Disinfectant

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Ready-to-use, non-streaking cleaner and disinfectant. (EPA Reg.# 6836-152-1270)

We are committed to sharing knowledge and collaborating in the ongoing and urgent efforts against COVID-19. Zep’s Assure Program makes it simple and easy to professionally clean, disinfect and maintain hygienic workspaces. In fact, our professional cleaners help immediately remove soil and germs while Zep EPA-registered disinfectants kill germs on surfaces including (SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19) to reduce risk of spreading of infection. Even more, Zep Assure coatings help reduce maintenance costs and combine with audit forms to effectively monitor frequent-touch points and signage which clearly demonstrates your commitment to a clean and safe work environment.

  • Execute disinfection plan using Zep EPA-registered disinfectant, following CDC guidelines and standard operating procedures. Use Zep ready-to-use, no streaking cleaner and disinfectant. (EPA Reg. # 6836-152-1270) Reference label for instructions.