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Zep Cherry Punch Hand Cleaner (1 Gallon Case of 4) Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner Perfect For Mechanics

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Zep Cherry Punch packs a great one-two punch. It combines an aggressive cleaning ability with gentle treatment of the hands. It has a pleasant cherry scent, and is enriched with emollients to leave the hands feeling great even after repeated washings. It is also made with mild, low-odor solvents to produce clean, fresh-smelling hands. Cherry Punch quickly and easily rinses clean from the hands, and is also phosphate-free. Pump and Dispenser is not included. 

  • Cherry Punch quickly liquefies stubborn industrial soils such as grease, tar, asphalt, inks, resins, paints and adhesives, while suspending tough soils and carbon
  • Cherry Punch has a low odor petroleum solvent formula which is tough on ground in grease and dirt
  • Even though Cherry Punch is a solvent product, it is fortified with emollients to protect hands from drying by replacing the skin oils to prevent dryness leaving hands soft
  • Cherry Punch leaves hands with a pleasant cherry fragrance as well as neutralizing residual petroleum odors such as kerosene, diesel and other fuels
  • Waterless formula – can be used with or without water