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Country Vet Farm and Dairy Fly Spray 16 oz. (Case of 6) Kills Flying Insects Including Flies, Mosquitoes, Small Flying Moths, Gnats, and Wasps

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Economical, all-purpose flying insect aerosol provides rapid control of residential, industrial, and barn pests. This aerosol delivers quick knockdowns and kills fast. Labeled for use in beef cattle operations, dairy farms, hog & swine operations, barns, stables, livestock premises on farms, milkrooms & poultry houses. This horse fly spray is easy to use and kills fast. One of the best horse fly control products out there, this is a must-have for your farm.

  • KILLS: Flies, Mosquitoes, Wasps, Gnats, Cockroaches, Ants, Crickets, Spiders, Silverfish, Moths, Weevils, Beetles, Grain mites, Bed bugs, & Fleas
  • FOR USE IN: Barns, Stables, Livestock premises on farms, Dairy farms, Animal quarters, Milkrooms, Poultry houses, as well as Hog, Swine, Beef cattle and Poultry operations
  • CONTAINS: 0.50% Pyrethrins for a quick kill