Zep Fast 505 Cleaner and Degreaser 32 oz. (Pack of 2) Ready-To-Use Degreaser Dissolves Grease Fast!

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Zep Fast 505 Cleaner and Degreaser now in a convenient 2 pack!

Garages, shops and outdoor areas are constantly exposed to grease & dirt. Pros know that frequent cleaning makes a workspace safer. This professional grade, fast acting degreaser takes time out of cleaning by quickly dissolving soils.

  • POWERFUL DEGREASER: Zep Fast 505 Industrial Cleaner and Degreaser helps you easily remove grease, lubricants, oils and foods from most surfaces.
  • WORKS GREAT ON: Grill exteriors, tools, automotive wheels, gutters, hard surfaces and more.
  • HEAVY DUTY FORMULA: Dissolves grease & grime easily