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Zep Hand Wipes "Clean’Ems" (45 Wipes Per Canister) - Case of 6 - Dual Textured to Remove Tough Stains!

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Zep "Clean’Ems" Hand Cleaning Towels are dual textured towels formulated to remove the toughest soils: tar and asphalt, rubber cement, red postal ink, polyurethane glass sealant, brake dust, and even graphite. Waterless, disposable towels are perfect for use anywhere, anytime. 

  • Portable and Convenient: Take them anywhere you go to clean hands while you work
  • Perforated Towels: Makes dispensing quick and easy without waste or mess
  • Multi-purpose: Can also be used to wipe down tools, parts, machinery, pipes, equipment and practically anything else that needs cleaning
  • Disposable: Towel can be discarded after use
  • Waterless Cleaning: An ideal product to clean hands when there is no access to soap and water - leaves no residue
  • Effective: Removes tough soils, such as tar and asphalt, oil, grease, paint and brake dust, without use of water, and leave hands feeling refreshed

APPLICATIONS: Especially useful for construction, marine, transportation, and industrial job sites, particularly in remote areas. • Automotive shops • Electrical Contractors • Marine Products • Building Contractors • Highway Paving Contractors • Oil & Natural Gas Wells • Commercial Printers • Lawn and Garden Services • Public Utilities