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Zep Stain Resistant Floor Sealer 128 oz. (Case of 4) Enhances Longevity and Stain Resistance

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Stain Resistant Floor Sealer produces a level, stain-resistant and clear gloss surface for high-traffic surfaces. Applying the sealer before a top coating or floor finish results in maximum strength improved shine and stain resistance. It can be stripped and reapplied as needed, making it ideal for use on a range of hard floors, including high-traffic vinyl, in businesses, offices and warehouses. The product covers up to 1,500 square feet and produces a thin, even finish by mopping in a continuous figure-8 motion. This is step 2 of the Zep Commercial Floor Care 4-Step Program.

  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE FORMULA: Use before applying polish to enhance the gloss, polish longevity and stain resistance. This product is not a stand-alone sealer.
  • PROVIDES AN EXTRA LEVEL OF STAIN RESISTANCE: Use on unfinished Vinyl, Rubber, Concrete & Tile Floors
  • NOT FOR USE ON: Wood, marble, granite, natural stone, & painted or stained concrete