Zep High Traffic Floor Polish 128 oz. (Case of 4) Durable Polish That Prevents Slips!

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High-Traffic Floor Finish gives a professional grade floor finish for a range of hard floor surfaces. Its 20 percent solid formula provides a durable, high-gloss shine that resists scuffs and heel marks and prevents slips. The low VOC (less than 1 percent) product requires little maintenance and is intended for use on interior floors such as rubber, asphalt, vinyl and sealed concrete. This is step 3 of the Zep Commercial Floor Care 4-Step Program. It can be stripped and reapplied as needed.

  • READY-TO-USE FORMULA: This pro grade formula leaves an attractive, glossy and durable polish that resists heel marks and prevents slips in high traffic areas.
  • DURABLE FINISHING POLISH: Use on Vinyl, Sealed Concrete, Rubber & No-Wax Tile Floors
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